Cultureland residency: Starnmeer

After a period of museums and getting started on the project in Amsterdam, I’ve settled in at the second Cultureland residence – a studio on Starnmeer polder.

Starnmeer used to be a lake (a lake shaped a bit like a star) until it was drained in 1643 and the land reclaimed. Right next to the studio runs the North Holland Canal, and sea birds drop shell along its banks. It’s incredibly windy – I have to keep sticking new twigs in the door hinges outside to stop them squeaking all night.


I’m continuing to work on my embroideries. I’ve been reading about samplers and hope to make a series of my own, responding – with needle and thread and linen offcuts – to the many lines and channels cut into the landscape and shored up.


It’s slow work, so good for a long residency in winter. Pictures of embroidery to come. For now, here’s the studio


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