ART | PHILOSOPHY exhibition opening at Kings College London: culmination of residency

Opening this month is the culmination of a collaboration between four artists and the Centre for Philosophy and Visual Art at King’s College London.

As one of the artists in residence I attended a ten-week lecture series at the start of 2018 and made work in response. I was amazed that a series called ‘The Search for Meaning’ exists in a proper university philosophy department. Christopher Hamilton’s lectures considered philosophical and literary texts alongside each other. Among others on the reading list were Heinrich von Kleist, Primo Levi and Virginia Woolf.

After the opening fortnight on ‘Introduction: Philosophy and God, Life and Death’, weeks 3-4 introduced ‘The theistic alternative: Tolstoy, A Confession’ and this became my starting point for making autobiographical pieces about self-narration.

We discussed self-representation in autobiography and I became interested in the idea that although you might call something a confession, and purport to lay yourself bare, that act remains stylised and examples that may be drawn from a life to illustrate a point are selected from a mass of contradictory feelings and actions.

The work I’ve made looks at the idea of autobiography as something that explicitly says ‘this is the true story of my life’ and implicitly says ‘this is the version of my life I want to put on record’. I am interested in how material from the same archive can be used to tell different stories, through editing and a reconstruction of its parts.


I will be exhibiting drawings and films. All are about self-stylisation and the images that don’t make the final cut. I’ve used the daily collateral of life – bits and pieces on a bookshelf; photo album sleeves from chemists; a youtube clip of Robin Hood; old home movie footage – to make compositions  about record-keeping.


The show runs 26 February – 22 March 2019, with is a talk on 26 February.
More information here.


sleeping beauty screenshot 1


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