Cultureland residency: the show!

After six weeks, part one of the showcase that wraps up the residency is now on up for all to see – at Admiraal de Ruijterweg 181, Amsterdam. It was a late night hanging and an early start the next day so excuse the night-time pictures.

I will be hanging the rest of the show at the end of the residency, and giving a presentation about the project on Friday 15 March.

Here’s what the flier says, in English. It explains what the project is all about:

‘Firm is my hand but sweet are my feelings’. These are the words carved above the door to Amsterdam’s correctional Spinhaus. Becky Brewis makes a series of embroidered ‘samples’ that considers the many hands at work over time — spinning, embroidering and mending. In Holland as elsewhere in Europe such samples were originally how women expanded their repertoire of stitches, collecting examples for future reference. These personal – and much handled – pieces of cloth were often valued enough to be passed down across generations. Over the course of the residency, Becky has worked on offcuts of cloth and incorporated found materials and postcards to make embroidery and drawings about the images that get left behind when life moves on.

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