IN STITCHES, 3-4 February 2020

An exhibition of work by three artists working with narratives liable to unravel. 


IN STITCHES sees fictions made, art establishments questioned and pictures unpicked, as artists Aija Nieminem, Becky Brewis and Joelle Tafoya present work about the stories we tell, across video, installation and textiles.

In AIJA NIEMINEN’s eternalism etc., we meet a time traveller on a journey. Split over three screens, past, present and future play out concurrently. Found footage, sound and references to popular culture ground the scenes in specific moments in time, but this narrative of excerpts is loose, encouraging sceptical reflection on how stories are constructed – while others are neglected – and exploring history, humour and change.

BECKY BREWIS’ two pieces explore the experience of remembering. Surgery Waiting Room in about 1995 depicts images from a remembered scene, together with their untidy, knotted undersides. Front and back shadow and colour one another. In Lining we see the brief and tactile moments of memory, in the form of material traces of textiles and bodies, brought into a relationship with the photographic image.

JOELLE TAFOYA’s Car Shark:  Driving Without a License, or:  If It’s Such a Laugh, Then Why Am I a-Cryin’? finds a focus for the “you don’t always get what you pay for” experience in a film which doesn’t exist. Done on the cheap, the installation mostly consists of used materials and features merchandise and billboards for the fictional Car Shark, raising questions about value in art vs. value of degrees vs. the capitalism beast that overshadows it all.


Project Space I.01, ECA

Opening event, 3 February 5pm-7pm

4 February by appointment 

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