HOUSEHOLD, 25-26 February, 10am-6pm

Sculpture Court, ECA

25-26 February, 10am-6pm

Opening event: Monday 24 February 5pm-7pm

24 artists turn ECA into a domestic living space – and show art in it

As Edinburgh property prices continue to soar, it’s harder than ever to come by cheap spaces for either making or showing artwork. And the fewer cheap studios there are, the more art will be made on kitchen tables and bedroom floors.

This is the starting point for HOUSEHOLD, which sees work by 24 very different artists, working across disciplines, spread across the rooms of a fantasy house, mapped out in an exhibition space.

Edinburgh’s Sculpture Court was built to fulfil a civic function: to house a cast collection donated on the condition that it be on display and open to the public. Now, with so many of the city’s old buildings – hospitals, churches, schools – being turned over to developers, the Sculpture Court remains as a legacy of building for public rather than private enrichment.

HOUSEHOLD explores the relationship between the gallery and the home and engages with ideas of public and private space. As we curate a household out of many different practices, what is usually an individual’s fantasy of property ownership is turned into a collective act of home building.

Visitors are asked to help themselves to a cup of tea and make themselves at home.

Featured artists:

Angela Alexander-Lloyd, Megan Trix Archibald, Becky Brewis, Annahita Brooks, Filipe Dores, Michalakis Georgiou, Katie Hallam, Eve Hindle, Natasha Jensen, Valentina Lobos Munoz, Rosalind Main, Daisy McConville, Kirsten Millar, Aija Nieminen, Camila Ospina Gaitan, Nathaniel Purdy, Amanda Schwarz-Nielsen, Yu Shen, Kirsten Sinclair, Joelle Tafoya, Poppy Veall, Yanqing Wu, Yujie Zhou.

All are studying Contemporary Arts Practice (MFA/MA) at ECA.

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